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28 E. Washington  •  P.O. Box 578
McAlester, OK 74502
Ph: (918) 423-9300

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Business Licenses
Business License Fee Schedule
The City of McAlester offers many types of Business License for business within the city. Licenses not listed below contact Revenue Officer Sherry Alessi at (918) 423-9300 ext. 4960.
Business License Fee
Auctioneer License $25 per year, per license
Auction / Merchant Permits $50 per auction
Auction Permits $10 per day
Automobile Salvage Yard $100 per year
Carnival $500 per day
Circus $500 per day
Garage Sale Permit  $5 for one to three days
Junk Dealer or Junkyard $100 per year
Peddler or Solicitor $100 per year, or $10 per day
       Each Individual Peddler or Solicitor representing the Person $60 per year, or $6 per day
Pest Control Service $100 per year
Restaurant and / or Food Service
       1 - 10 employees $25 per year
       11 - 25 employees $35 per year
       26 or more employees $50 per year
Tree Trimmer $50 per year
Taxi Cab $20 per cab, per year
Taxi Cab Driver $2 per year
Beer Licenses
      Beer Consumed on / off Premises $20 per year
      Beer Consumed off Premises $10 per year
Alcoholic Licenses
      Mixed Beverages $1000 first year, renewal $900
      Package Store $600 per year
      Brewer $1,250 per year
      Distiller $3,125 per year
      Wine Making $625 per year
      Oklahoma Winery $75 per year
      Rectifier $3,125 per year
      Wholesaler $3,500 per year