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EMS Customer Service

The billing department files insurance claims for all ambulance transports by McAlester Ambulance.

McAlester’s Ambulance billing company files claims with: 
Commercial insurance carriers 
  • Medicare 
  • Medicaid 
  • Private industry 
  • Veterans administration 
  • Worker's comp 
  • Liability insurance

The billing department has specialists who can answer any billing-related questions. These specialists can be reached at 1-888-623-0990.

Frequently asked Questions.
What do I do if my insurance carrier sends me the payment for ambulance service?
All insurance claims paid on behalf of the patient for ambulance service should be paid directly to the City of McAlester. It is the responsibility of the patient to forward payments from their insurance provider to the City of McAlester. Payments received by the patient should be endorsed and forwarded to the City of McAlester.

Why does my invoice have a Houston address on it?
The City of McAlester utilizes a billing company that specializes in EMS billing; they are located in Houston and also handle our account collections.