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Human Resources

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1. Are all city employees who work for the City eligible for benefits?
2. Besides police and firefighters, what other jobs does the City have frequently open?
3. Can I submit a resume instead of completing a job application?
4. Do you accept applications for positions that are not currently posted?
5. How are police officer and firefighter candidates selected?
6. How can I get specific information and a job description for a job I’m interested in?
7. How do I apply for a position with the McAlester Fire Department?
8. How do I apply for a position with the McAlester Police Department?
9. How do I find out what jobs are currently available?
10. How long does it normally take before I am scheduled for an interview (if selected for an interview)?
11. How long does my application stay on file?
12. How often are jobs updated?
13. I have applied with the City in the past. Can the City pull that application for a current opening?
14. If I find another job that I want to apply for at a later date, will I have to complete another application?
15. What are the requirements for firefighters?


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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?


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1. Do offenders have the right to live where they want to live?
2. Does it cost anything for a copy of the police report?
3. How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
4. How do I pay a ticket?
5. How do I get my car out of impound?
6. How long does a sex offender have to register with law enforcement in Oklahoma?
7. What number do I call to make a non-emergency report?
8. What should I do if I’m involved in a collision?
9. Where is the McAlester Police Department?
10. Whom do I call to ask about someone who has been arrested?
11. Whom do I complain to about an officer?